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Currently divides his time rocking with Totally Tina, providing transport solutions for the Peoples Republic of Fingerpost, and generally partying like it's £19.99.

Jimmy is notoriously shy and elusive, but we managed to find this transcript of an interview under caution.


So Jim, what are some of the fabulous places you’ve played?

I’ve played in many places, but I usually prefer to stand next to my long-time partner in crime, Geoff R.E.


Where did it all start?

It began on my sister Pauline's unwanted guitar and progressed on to her unwanted pocket-money. Then, after the usual mates-in-bands malarkey, things got serious when the Undertakers came for me.

That's where I met Simon's dad (George Collings), and I had previous form with Geoff R.E. in Jacob's Ladder (where I learned to read and write music, although I can now read and write many other words).


Hadn't you had a spell in comedy bands?

Monkey Business and Duck Soup, guilty as charged.


Anything funny happen on the way to the theatre?

Things like getting a guitar stuck in a lift I can handle, but the ladies undergarments thrown on stage - I think she mistook me for her regular dry cleaner.


What was your scariest moment?

Apart from the foot long sausage episode, I guess the moment when the Dutch immigration authorities almost extended my stay indefinitely.

Oh, and rewriting the words to Private Dancer when Justine's mic went off - “have some husbands” sounds like something Tina herself would do, yes?


Finally Jim, any further ambitions?

Well, just to keep up with these whippersnappers for as long as possible - this show is hard work but you wouldn't believe how much fun it is, flaws and all.


-end of interview.


''Can I have my phone call now?"

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