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Totally TINA's Dancers



Hi! I’m Bethaney, I joined the show in August this year (2019), and I’m having the best time! It’s an amazing feeling being on stage and performing along side Justine, she is absolutely phenomenal (as I’m sure you know). The girls are amazing and we always have such a laugh when where together, travelling all over the country! 
I joined the show when a friend saw a advertising post for new dancers, and I am so glad he did shared it with me!
I absolutely love performing, and to be able to enjoy myself on stage to Tina’s songs is so rewarding. 
My favourite dance has to be proud Mary, just because I recall so many happy family memories from the song and I can’t help but go absolutely full out when it comes on ha! 
My favourite song is simply the best, again just purely because the family memories that it brings.
My favourite costume, my god! All of them, they look amazing on stage, but believe me up close they are van more beautiful, the detail is stunning. 

I have been a professional dancer for 3 years now, with credits including cruises pantomimes and other shows! And currently I am now a personal trainer. 

The show as a whole is amazing, and everyone involved in it is like a huge family. I am so proud to be apart of it, and to have met some amazing people makes the whole experience that even more enjoyable. The adrenaline that hits when the audience are up dancing and singing gives me goose bumps every single time. And I can not wait for the many more memories and years to come with the TT gang! 
Kisses xxxx